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I and My Chimney, by Herman Melville [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
I Say No, by Wilkie Collins [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
The Iliad of Homer, by Homer [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde  [read online]  [pdf]   [Kidnle / prc]
In Connection With the De Willoughby Claim, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
[read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
In Defence of Harriet Shelley, by Mark Twain [read online]   [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
In the Closed Room, by Frances Hodgson Burnett  [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
In the Days of the Comet, by H G Wells [read online]   [pdf]   [Kindle / prc]
In the Fourth Year, by H G Wells [read online]   [pdf]   [Kindle / prc]
In the South Seas, by Robert Louis Stevenson [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
Indiscretions of Archie, by P G Wodehouse [read online]   [pdf]   [Kinle / prc]
The Inheritors, by Joseph Conrad [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
The Innocence of Father Brown, by G K Chesterton [read on line]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
The Innocents Abroad, by Mark Twain [read online]  [pdf]  [prc]
Intentions, by Oscar Wilde [read online]   [pdf]   [Kindle / prc]
Interlopers at the Knap, by Thomas Hardy  [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
The Intrusion of Jimmy, by P G Wodehouse  [read online]    [pdf]   [Kindle / prc]
The Invisible Man, by H G Wells  [read online]   [pdf]   [Kindle / prc]
Ion, by Plato [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
The Iron Heel, by Jack London [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
Is Shakespeare Dead, by Mark Twain [read online]   [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
Isaiah, from the Bible [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
Island Nights, by Robert Louis Stevenson [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]
The Island of Doctor Moreau, by H G Wells [read online]   [pdf]   [Kidnle / prc]
Israel Potter, by Herman Melville [read online]  [pdf]  [Kindle / prc]