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Pagan Papers, by Kenneth Grahame [pdf] [prc]

A Pair of Blue Eyes, by Thomas Hardy [pdf] [prc]

Paradise Lost, by John Milton [pdf] [prc]

Paradise Regained, by John Milton [pdf] [prc]

Parmenides, by Plato [pdf] [prc]

The Passionate Friends, by H G Wells [pdf] [prc]
The Patchwork Girl of Oz, by L Frank Baum [pdf] [prc]
The Patriotic Poems of Walt Whitman, by Walt Whittman [pdf] [prc]

Pauline's Passion and Punishment, by Louisa May Alcott [pdf] [prc]

Pearl Maiden, by Henry Ryder Haggard [pdf] [prc]

The Pearl of Lima, by Jules Verne [pdf] [prc]
The Pearl of Orr, by Harriet Beecher Stowe [pdf] [ prc]

Pellucidar, by Edgar Rice Burroughs [pdf] [prc]

The People of the Abyss, by Jack London [pdf] [prc]
The People Of The Mist, by Henry Ryder Haggard [pdf] [prc]
The People that Time Forgot, by Edgar Rice Burroughs [pdf] [prc]

Pericles, Prince of Tyre, by William Shakespeare [pdf] [prc]

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc - Volume 1, by Mark Twain [pdf] [prc]

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc - Volume 2, by Mark Twain [pdf] [prc]

A Personal Record, by Joseph Conrad [pdf] [prc]

Persuasion, by Jane Austen [pdf] [prc]

Peter and Wendy, by James M Barrie [pdf] [prc]

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, by James M Barrie [pdf] [prc]

Peter Pan, by James M Barrie [pdf] [prc]

Phaedo, by Plato [pdf] [prc]

Phaedrus, by Plato [pdf] [prc]

Phantasmagoria and Other Poems, by Lewis Carroll [pdf] [prc]

Philebus, by Plato [pdf] [prc]

The Piazza Tales, by Herman Melville [pdf] [prc]

Piccadilly Jim, by P G Wodehouse [pdf] [prc]

The Pickwick Papers, by Charles Dickens [pdf] [prc]
The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde [pdf] [prc]

Pierre or The Ambiguities, by Herman Melville [pdf] [prc]

Pink and White Tyranny, by Harriet Beecher Stowe [pdf] [ prc]

Plain Tales from the Hills, by Rudyard Kipling [pdf] [prc]

Pleasures of the Telescope, by Garrett Putman Serviss [pdf] [prc]

Poemata, by John Milton [pdf] [prc]

Poems by Walt Whitman, by Walt Whittman [pdf] [prc]

Poems, by G K Chesterton [pdf] [prc]

Poems, by Victor Hugo [pdf] [prc]

The Poetical Works of John Milton, by John Milton [pdf] [prc]
The Point Of Honor, by Joseph Conrad [pdf] [prc]

Policeman Bluejay, by L Frank Baum [pdf] [prc]

The Politeness of Princes, by P G Wodehouse [pdf] [prc]

Political Ideals, by Bertrand Russell [pdf] [prc]

Poor Miss Finch, by Wilkie Collins [pdf] [prc]

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by James Joyce [pdf] [prc]
The Pothunters, by P G Wodehouse [pdf] [prc]
The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism, by Bertrand Russell [pdf] [prc]
A Prefect's Uncle, by P G Wodehouse [pdf] [prc]
The Pretty Sister Of José, by Frances Hodgson Burnett [pdf] [prc]

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen [pdf] [prc]

The Prince and Betty, by P G Wodehouse [pdf] [prc]
The Prince and The Pauper, by Mark Twain [pdf] [prc]
The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli [pdf] [prc]

Prince Otto, by Robert Louis Stevenson [pdf] [prc]

Princess Belle, by Walter Crane [pdf] [prc]

The Problem of China, by Bertrand Russell [pdf] [prc]
The Problems of Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell [pdf] [prc]
The Professor, by Charlotte Bronte [pdf] [prc]

Proposed Roads To Freedom, by Bertrand Russell [pdf] [prc]

Proserpine and Midas, by Mary Shelley [pdf] [prc]

Protagoras, by Plato [pdf] [prc]

Proverbs, from the Bible [pdf] [prc]

The Prussian Officer, by D H Lawrence [pdf] [prc]

Psalms, from the Bible [pdf] [prc]

Psmith in the City, by P G Wodehouse [pdf] [prc]

Psmith, by P G Wodehouse [pdf] [prc]

Psyche's Art, by Louisa May Alcott [pdf] [prc]

Puck of Pook’s Hill, by Rudyard Kipling [pdf] [prc]