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Ballads, by Robert Louis Stevenson [pdf] [prc]
Barnaby Rudge, by Charles Dickens [pdf] [prc]
Barrack-Room Ballads, by Rudyard Kipling [pdf] [prc]
Bartleby The Scrivener, by Herman Melville [pdf] [prc]
Basil, by Wilkie Collins [pdf] [prc]
Battle Pieces and Aspects of the War, by Herman Melville [pdf] [prc]
Bay, by D H Lawrence [pdf] [prc]
Beatrice, by Henry Ryder Haggard [pdf] [prc]
Before Adam, by Jack London [pdf] [prc]
Behind A Mask or A Woman's Power, by Louisa May Alcott [pdf] [prc]
Bethink Yourselves, by Leo Tolstoy [pdf] [prc]
Better Dead, by James M Barrie [pdf] [prc]
Bettys Bright Idea - Deacon Pitkin Farm and the First Christmas of New England, by Harriet Beecher Stowe [pdf] [ prc]
The Bible [select books]
Black Beauty, by Anna Sewel [pdf] [prc]
Black Heart and White Heart, by Henry Ryder Haggard [pdf] [prc]
Bleak House, by Charles Dickens [pdf] [prc]
Blind Love, by Wilkie Collins [pdf] [prc]
Boyhood, by Leo Tolstoy [pdf] [prc]
Brown Wolf and Other Jack London Stories, by Jack London [pdf] [prc]
A Burlesque Autobiography, by Mark Twain [pdf] [prc]

Burning Daylight, by Jack London [pdf] [prc]